Microcurent Body Treatment

Microcurrent body sculpting – used to break muscle spasms and help reduce pain. It can directly block the transmission of pain signals along the nerves. Can reduce both acute and chronic pain. The wide pulses and long stimulation times reach the muscles that cannot normally be reached with active training. Do you have melting legs and hands, are you after injuries, do you have restless leg syndrome, pain in back or neck so it can help you to feel better. It can help you to tighten the areas like abdom, glutes, under arms and legs. 1-2 treatments per week is reccomended, depending on your problem. After the session of 6-12 treatments once in a month. But it can be done as a one time treatment to help you feel better for lymphatic drainage, detox or blood circulation.

  • No side effects, no downtime
  • Comfortable and Painless Treatments