Make Up Lesson For Beginners

Take your skills to a completely new level.

Perfect for teens or women who don’t have nothing incomon with it and would like to learn tips and tricks on how to do your daily make up.

Makeup lesson will be about 90 minutes information session and you will learn:

  • To choose tools, take care of them and use them for the best result
  • Contouring and highlighting to creat a more sculpured look
  • Lips, eyes and eyebrows
  • To hide skin’s imperfections
  • Do make up that lasts longer, looks natural and professional
  • And much more…

You will repeat step by step after me with your own products, or I can help you to order goodie bag or the products you are missing before the lesson.

After completing the lesson you will receive:

  • Certificate
  • Acess to the shop where you can buy products with a discount