Classic Lashes

This course is perfect for beginners. Training will first start with a strong theory and then will be followed by a hands – on practice on mannequin head as well as your very first eyelash extension applications on a real model.

Topics we go trough:

  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Workplace preparation
  • Introduction to classic lashes
  • Natural lash cycle and lash health
  • Anatomy of the eye and the most common eye diseases and infections
  • Introduction of consent forms, tool, and supplies used
  • Application theory
  • Proper isolation
  • Basic styling and eye mapping
  • Adhesive and bond
  • Lash removal
  • Extensive hands – on practice
  • Photo editing
  • Client management
  • Marketing and building client base
  • Practice picking up extensions, dipping them in glue and applying them to natural lash
  • and much more…

You can immediately take customers after completing the education and you will receive:

  • Certificate
  • My support